Auckland reaches climate change milestone

Publish Date : 18 Aug 2016
Sea Level Rise Preparation in Auckland
Aerial view of Milford Beach in Auckland

The Carbon Disclosure Project has just published Auckland’s emissions inventory and it shows that we have managed to minimise emissions increases despite an increasing population.

“This is a small but very significant achievement for us because you would expect a rapidly growing city to experience increased emissions and it’s just the opposite,” says Mayor Len Brown.

“We are beginning to make progress on this immense challenge but of course there is much more to do.”

Per capita decrease of 0.3 tonnes

The inventory shows Auckland’s emissions rose 0.9 per cent between 2009 and 2013 at the same time its population grew by 5.0 per cent.  This is a per capita decrease, from 7.6 tonnes to 7.3 tonnes of emissions per person.

GDP grew by 8.4 per cent in the same period meaning the emissions intensity of economic activity also decreased.

Target of 40 per cent reduction

Auckland Council’s target is for a 40 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The council has already achieved significant reductions as a result of the electrification of rail and in its wastewater and solid waste management.

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