Tsunami threat reminder to have a plan

Publish Date : 09 Sep 2016
CDEM response
Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management is encouraging Aucklanders to have a plan before possible emergencies like a tsunami threat arise.

The tsunami threat last week is a good reminder to all of us to have a plan in place.

“It’s up to each individual to act now and have a plan to look after themselves if a tsunami, or any other emergency, strikes,” says Civil Defence and Emergency Management Director, John Dragicevich.

“This includes knowing what to do, where to go and where to meet up with family and friends.”

What to do now

“People need to know how their local area could be affected, where to get accurate and up to date emergency information because normal communications channels might not be working and also include in their planning their neighbours and people who might need help if there is an emergency,” Mr Dragicevich says.

Tsunami evacuation zones

With 3110km of coastline around Auckland, any coastal parts of the region could be affected by a tsunami.

Check Auckland Civil Defence’s tsunami evacuation maps for your area to find out if you live or work in an evacuation zone and to find your evacuation point. 

There are three evacuation zones:

  • Red  covers the beach and adjacent low-lying areas most likely to be hit by a tsunami
  • Orange would be evacuated if there was a medium to large tsunami threat
  • Yellow covers the largest area that would need to be evacuated in the event of a maximum-impact tsunami

If you are in an evacuation zone, think about how you will get to higher ground by foot, leaving the roads clear for those who are unable to walk and have to drive.

For a more detailed explanation about the tsunami evacuation maps watch Auckland Civil Defence and Emergency Management’s video.

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