LAWA River of the Month: February

Last Updated : 22 Feb 2017

To help spread the word about the issues, solutions and scientific data for freshwater in Auckland, Land, Air, Water Aotearoa (LAWA) brings you ‘River of the Month'. 

February takes us to the Arapera River, which flows into the southern arm of the Kaipara Harbour and boasts naturally clean water with good PH levels.

However, the area is prone to slips. This means the sediment falling into the water will end up in the harbour, damaging the delicate ecosystem.

To help combat this, volunteers from Kaipara Harbour Management Project and Ahuroa School's ‘Trees for Survival’ have been growing Manuka trees along the riverbank.

Check out the video for more information about the river and the community who cares for it.

About Lawa

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It is a joint effort between New Zealand’s 16 regional councils and unitary authorities, the Ministry for the Environment, Massey University, the Cawtron Institute and the Tindall Foundation.

Launched in 2014, LAWA provides an easy-to-use portal for the public to access information about the quality and availability of Auckland’s and New Zealand’s natural resources online. 

LAWA hopes communities will feel empowered to utilise our natural resources considerately to ensure their quality for future generations.


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