What does your street's name mean?

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Last Updated : 29 Aug 2017
What does your street's name mean?
Ponsonby Road. Morrison, Robin, 1944-1993. PH-NEG-RMS12-2-4. PH-NEG-RMX216.

Have you ever wondered what your street’s name means, or whom it was named after?

Street names often fall into patterns. They may celebrate a royal connection (Queen Street), note early administrators (Hobson Street), celebrate activities once conducted in the area (Customs Street) or mark war heroes (Kitchener Street, formerly the Germanic Coburg).

More often than not, streets commemorate people, including famous writers, poets, essayists or dramatists, or local families or developers. Local or national politicians are also common.

Find out more about Auckland street names

Street names are often the subject of dispute or conjecture. To solve some of these arguments, Auckland Libraries’ database of Auckland City Street Names gathers verified information (where available) on the origins of names, dates of formation and name changes for streets in the former Auckland City Council area. It does not include streets in other local authority areas, such as North Shore, Waitākere, Manukau City, Rodney, Franklin or Papakura district councils. 

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