ACP cladding investigation update

Publish Date : 17 Nov 2017

Auckland Council’s investigation into buildings across the Auckland region that potentially have aluminum composite panels (ACP) in their construction is nearing completion, with 75 per cent of the buildings that we identified with ACP now assessed.

To date we have identified 209 buildings that potentially have ACP panelling as part of an entire cladding system or decorative feature. We have completed the assessment of 157 of these buildings. 

All buildings over 10m tall and all hospitals were included in the investigation.

Ian McCormick, General Manager Building Consents, says we have not identified any building that would be considered dangerous due to ACP cladding, or warrant immediate corrective action. 

“While some of the assessed buildings may not comply with the current Building Code, Auckland Council considers that a combination of fire prevention measures, fire safety systems and the extent of ACP coverage do not cause immediate concern for occupants’ safety,” he says.

Mr McCormick says comparisons shouldn’t be drawn with London’s Grenfell Tower because the use of ACP in Auckland buildings is limited and associated with building features that reduce any potential risk, such as sprinkler systems. In each case we have communicated this with the building owners or body corporate. 

“The use of ACP in a building does not necessarily mean it is dangerous. The Grenfell tragedy reminds us how important it is to have the correct fire safety features in place. New Zealand’s fire safety regulations for buildings are amongst the most robust in the world, and Auckland Council is confident that buildings using ACP panels in Auckland are safe.”

We expect to complete our ACP investigation before the end of the year.

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