Whangaparāoa Centre Plan adopted by local board

Publish Date : 13 Dec 2018
Presenting Whangaparāoa Centre Plan

All locals want for the Whangaparāoa Town Centre is the human touch.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chair Julia Parfitt says residents submitted 86 responses to the Whangaparāoa Centre Plan about how the town evolves - and people were at the heart of that.

“The community was very clear the town should develop as a vibrant and accessible centre for everyone," she says.

"Locals want the beach-side character and human scale of the town enhanced by better streets and public space, and we heard a lot of comments about accessible, pedestrian-friendly, high-quality, vibrant, coastal and lifestyle.”

Adopted by the board this week, the plan calls for high quality commercial and residential development to provide a full range of services, residential choice and employment opportunities.

“The town centre really comes to life during celebrations like the recent Christmas event. With the Main Street closed off, people are free to move around and experience everything as it happens.

"As more people get involved in development, the centre will become an even more vibrant and attractive place for the community. We hope this plan will stimulate and support growth.”

Mrs Parfitt was delighted with the level of engagement and said the community group Future Whangaparāoa, which assisted with workshops and displays during the consultation period, should take much of the credit for that.

“They did a great job in connecting with locals.”

Key moves from the plan are:

  • create a gateway sense of arrival
  • redevelop the Whangaparāoa Hall to provide a multi-function community space
  • upgrade the library’s outdoor space to increase its use and make it an attractive fit with the Coast Plaza square
  • support a range of housing styles so people can live in and close to the town centre
  • deliver Penlink and improve public transport connections
  • plan for future parking needs
  • identify a suitable cycle network
  • undertake a walkability survey
  • develop a marketing campaign
  • establish a business association and appoint a town centre manager to promote local business
  • investigate developing a co-working space or hub for small businesses.

The Whangaparāoa Centre Plan can be found on the Hibiscus and Bays Local Board business meeting agenda, page 47. The final plan will be available on the council website in the new year.

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