City-wide maintenance contract performance being addressed

Publish Date : 02 May 2018

Aucklanders are now seeing the benefits of the council’s new city-wide maintenance contracts, with service levels and accountability improving across the region.

It comes as Auckland Council’s Strategic Procurement Committee was provided with an update on the contracts, collectively known as the Project 17 city-wide maintenance contracts, during today’s meeting.

The committee was advised that in some instance payments have been withheld where contractors have not met performance service levels on the parks and facilities maintenance contracts.

Service improvements

The Strategic Procurement Committee's chair, Deputy Mayor Bill Cashmore, says that as the contractors bed in, more service improvements can be expected.

“We have introduced clear KPIs for all of our contractors, which are regularly monitored and reported back to this committee. Overall, I expect to see more benefits as we move forward.”

“New contracts introduced last year were designed to provide value for money to Aucklanders, with gains anticipated to be $29 million per year worth of services at no additional cost across the Auckland region. One new benefit is reduction in glyphosate use thanks to more mechanical edging of hard surface edges in parks, by paths and playgrounds.”

“There have been some bedding in issues with a new type of contract and new contractors. Non-performance has led to the withholding of a portion of monthly payments. I am pleased that Auckland Council has been dealing with the issues.”

Mayor Goff says: “The contracts are now outcome based as opposed to process based. In many cases we have seen improved performance but not in all. Those underperforming are being held to account.”

The report to the Strategic Performance committee is confidential until reasons for confidentiality no longer exist.

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