Budget delivers for Shore

Councillors see wins for ward

Publish Date : 05 Jun 2018
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The North Shore Ward is set to receive a multi-million dollar boost in transport, public facilities and future development as a result of Auckland Council’s newly agreed 10-year Budget.

The council agreed its $70 billion 10-year Budget – including $26 billion in capital projects – on Thursday. This sets out a historic level of investment in Auckland, with transport infrastructure, environmental initiatives and other projects in line for funding to keep pace with Auckland’s growth.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says, “This is fantastic news for Auckland, beginning 10 years of transformative work that tackles the critical issues of transport congestion and protecting our environment.”

“These issues have sat in the too hard basket for too long, but not anymore. This council has taken responsibility for delivering a better Auckland that will over time have a more efficient and effective transport network, more houses, cleaner water and a healthier environment.

“I want to thank Councillors Darby and Hills for helping deliver this 10-year Budget and the largest ever investment in our region’s infrastructure,” said Mayor Goff.

Planned investment for the North Shore Ward over the next 10 years includes:

  • Lake Road Corridor Improvements Project ($47 million)
  • Funding from the $452 million to be raised from the water quality targeted rate to address the water quality issues at our local beaches
  • $90 million of regional funding to address issues with the impact of climate change on coastal areas, and the creation of a $20 million regional response fund for reactive storm damage
  • $79.2 million investment in the Takapuna and Northcote town centres
  • $97.6 million for asset renewals across the North Shore Ward
  • $10.8m for Local Board Transport Capital Fund (Kaipatiki and Devonport-Takapuna Local Boards)
  • An increase to the regional grants fund to $4.3 million over the next 10 years.

North Shore Ward Councillor Chris Darby says, "After eight years of careful planning Auckland is shifting gears and embarking on a massive decade of project delivery.”

“This is the biggest step-change on transport ever, with mega-million investments that will reinvent the way Aucklanders move about their city.” 

“The Auckland-wide budget for transport has leapt to $28 billion over 10 years, enabled by the willingness of Aucklanders to pay a bit more at the pump and more than double committed through the Land Transport Capital Fund,” says Darby.

“The people of North Shore will reap the benefits of investment in other areas too – for example, improvements to the downtown ferry terminal will enable growth of our local ferry services.”

“We are now on the way to building a smarter, more efficient and ultimately 21st century worthy transport system. I’m also particularly pleased to see traction on my long-advocated plans for light-rail for the North Shore.”

Fellow North Shore Councillor Richard Hills agrees and adds, “We’ve worked hard, alongside the local boards, to secure big wins for the North Shore in this plan, not just in the transport and water space, but also upgrades to our parks and community assets. We’re investing heavily in our people-centres, such as the regeneration of Northcote and Takapuna.

“This budget brings massive improvements to both the journey, but also to our experience when we get there. It also funds our share of the agreement we have with central government for future transport investment in Auckland. Locally, that will deliver a massive $206m council investment for Lake Road, SkyPath, SeaPath and route protection for the next harbour crossing.”

“In additional to that spend, there will be over $300m from central government to extend the Northern Busway to Albany, and a further $300m for bus priority upgrades from Albany to Orewa to improve bus services and reduce traffic congestion on the Shore,” says Hills.

The final 10-year Budget will be approved on 28 June.

Key decisions made:

  • Largest ever council transport investment of $12 billion over the next 10 years (including $4.3 billion from leveraging the Regional Fuel Tax).     
  • Cleaning up Auckland’s waterways and beaches with increased investment of $452 million in stormwater infrastructure through a water quality targeted rate.
  • Protecting kauri and our native flora and fauna with an additional $311 million from a natural environment targeted rate to fund pest and disease control.
  • Adapting to climate change and protecting communities with the establishment of a $40 million Climate Change Response Fund and an additional $90 million for coastal asset management.
  • Investing in sports and culture by establishing a contestable fund of $120 million for sports and recreation facilities and an additional $20 million funding for the Auckland Art Gallery.
  • Delivering improved social outcomes with the expansion of The Southern Initiative into West Auckland to increase employment and life skills for young Aucklanders and $475,000 to help Auckland City Mission redevelop its Hobson Street site.
  • Restricting the average general rate rise to 2.5 per cent for this term of council and continuing Value for Money programme of section 17a reviews and a new corporate property strategy saving $117 million to deliver efficiency and effectiveness at council.
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