WANTED – Visionary ideas and ambitious solutions

Important decisions must be made about our changing climate. Help us make them.

Publish Date : 01 Aug 2018
WANTED – Visionary ideas and ambitious solutions (1)

What does an ambitious climate action plan look like to you? What would action on climate change mean for Auckland?

How can we better prepare for the impacts of climate change like extreme weather events while also improving transport options, having healthier homes, greening our urban spaces, and generating more employment opportunities?

Today we are launching the ‘Ideas Hub’ at climateAKL.co.nz. This online space is for Aucklanders to have a meaningful discussion about Auckland’s climate future.

It is a place to share ideas and work together to plan and build a climate-ready and more resilient Auckland. The Ideas Hub will be where Auckland's climate solutions are generated and shaped.

Climate challenges

Over the next few months, a series of climate challenges will be posed. You can respond and contribute to these challenges by posting your ideas and solutions. You will also be able to vote and comment on the ideas and solutions that other Aucklanders have suggested to help identify and shape the best ones.

Auckland Council’s Chief Sustainability Officer, John Mauro, says that the ideas posted to the Ideas Hub will assist in the development of Auckland's Climate Action Plan.

“The visionary ideas shared at the Ideas Hub will be translated into prioritised actions and tangible solutions to formulate Auckland’s Climate Action Plan, the guiding document that will make a climate-resilient, low-carbon Auckland a reality.

"The future is being designed and built right now, so let’s make it happen, together," says Mr Mauro.

“Make sure to check in regularly to see what's new on the site and to see if your favourite ideas are popular with other Aucklanders.”

Auckland’s Climate Action Plan

Auckland’s Climate Action Plan will set our path to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help prepare Auckland for the impacts of climate change.

Auckland Council has committed to lead the way but will need collaboration and commitment from Aucklanders across the region to achieve a rapid and fair transition.

By working together, we can develop and co-deliver a plan for a low carbon and more resilient Auckland that is a better city for everyone.

Find out more about the development of Auckland’s Climate Action Plan on council’s website and share your ideas at climateAkl.co.nz.

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