Stream restoration projects underway

Last Updated : 29 Mar 2019
Stream restoration in Hibiscus and Bays
D’Oyly Reserve.

Streams at reserves in Stanmore Bay and Browns Bay are being restored.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chair Julia Parfitt says urban streams face many pressures and it takes time, effort and money to restore them.

“These projects are a thrilling first step that will open up the streams to daylight, restore them, stop stormwater overflows and help native fish migration."

“School children will be able to understand and test first-hand stream ecosystems in outdoor classroom areas.

“Locals will be able to explore and learn more about native fauna and flora or just relax in beautiful surroundings right on their doorstep,” she said.

At D’Oyly Reserve, two sections of the stream are open to the public with the third expected to be completed during the May planting season.

Work has started at Taiaotea Creek in Sherwood Reserve to remove sediment from the pond, decommission the concrete-lined channel and create a natural stream.

Both restoration projects are funded by developers, as part of their mitigation requirement for developing other sites.

Our water future

Clean, healthy water is essential to our future. As our region continues to grow and change, we need to look after this precious taonga. Visit our website to have your say on how we should waterproof our future. Feedback is open until 19 April. 

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