AT report says moving Pukekohe train station impractical and costly

Publish Date : 04 Apr 2019
AT report says moving Pukekohe train station impractical and costly

Auckland Transport has told Franklin Local Board it is unable to spend any more money on plans to move the Pukekohe train station away from its present site.

It has already spent $15,000 on a report that found relocating the station is impractical and could cost almost $2.7million.

But the board asked AT to fund further work because its study only looked at moving the building to a new site and making it fit for purpose and building code compliant, and not at other options such as using only sections of the building.

AT says its report met the terms of the original request and that, having spent $15,000, it cannot fund further work.

However, AT has suggested other ways it can support the board and community to protect Franklin’s rail heritage.

The Local Government Act says AT’s purpose is to contribute to an effective, efficient, and safe Auckland land transport system in the public interest. It says while it funded the initial work in good faith, further funding does not contribute to that purpose.

The board has been told the size and planned use of the platform means there is little chance of retaining any element of the station on the platform.

AT says it is willing to support third-party or board-led work on celebrating Pukekohe’s rail heritage and could provide advice to any design study, save parts of the station during demolition for re-use providing the cost of demolition is not affected, and could incorporate pictures that capture the history of rail in the area into a new shelter’s protective coating.

The board will liaise on next steps with the Franklin Historical Society and Heritage Forum, which have been advocating for the preservation of the station.

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