Play time at Millwater’s new park

Publish Date : 14 May 2019
Play time at Millwater's new park 3
Play time at Millwater’s new park
Board chair Julia Parfitt and Fulton Hogan Director Bob Fulton cut the ribbon.
Play time at Millwater’s newpark
Locals gather for the opening of the playground on Friday, 3 May.
Play time at Millwater's new park 2

It may just be a few weeks old, but the playground on Bonair Crescent is already a hit with local families.

Opened in early May, the playground at Millwater’s southern end was built in partnership with a local developer and Hibiscus and Bays Local Board and has been dubbed by some 'the park which has something for everyone'.

The park boasts a half court with basketball and netball hoops, a playground with a seesaw, slide, basket swings, in-ground trampolines all under cover, a rope climber and wobbly goals, a fitness area with callisthenics equipment, a large lawn area for ball games, and a network of paths around its perimeter.

Board chair Julia Parfitt says that local families can enjoy a great spot right on their doorstep.

“The park is an ideal place for people to meet and enjoy time together. Everything is here for play, exercise and just running about.

“Adults and teens have a fitness work out area which is the first of its kind in Millwater.

“Picnic tables are arranged around the park and as the fruit trees grow, they will add to the park’s character producing apples, guavas and lemons for the community to enjoy.”

The public toilets and a water fountain are being connected to services and are yet to open. Once this is complete in the next few weeks, the playground will be handed over to Auckland Council to manage. Rubbish bins are included in this service so in the meantime people can help by taking their rubbish home with them.

Next to the park is a drainage reserve that includes stormwater ponds and a seasonal stream and here the developer has planted natives and built a path network through the length of the reserve.

For the next two years, the developer will continue to be responsible for maintaining the grass and plants in the reserve.

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