Silverdale West Dairy Flat structure plan explores infrastructure options

Publish Date : 05 Aug 2019

Auckland Council is delaying the finalisation of the Silverdale West Dairy Flat Industrial Area Structure Plan while it investigates prospects for the earlier provision of infrastructure and its funding.

“Since the draft structure plan was released, an opportunity has arisen more quickly than expected to combine the delivery of water and waste water with the construction of the new Argent Lane road extension,” said the manager of planning, North West and Islands, Mr Warren Maclennan.

This extends works from Milldale to Pine Valley Road across a new bridge over the Weiti River.

“The advantage of this approach would be that infrastructure services could be available earlier and possibly more economically than previously envisaged.

“To allow time to investigate this approach, the final structure plan will not now be reported to the Planning Committee on 6 August 2019 as originally intended,” said Mr Maclennan.

“Given these investigations, and with the local body elections occurring in October, it will not be possible to report a final structure plan to a council committee until early next year,” he added.

Mr Maclennan said current investigations could result in different servicing options to those currently outlined in the draft structure plan released in March this year, so these are worth addressing before finalising the structure plan and moving on to preparing a plan change to rezone the land.

"Auckland Council appreciates that this means a delay in adopting a final structure plan but without more clarity about these issues the council would not have been able to proceed with a plan change to rezone any of the land anyway. It is, therefore, better to address these issues at the structure plan stage.”

The council is advising landowners and submitters to the draft structure plan of this development.

A summary of the feedback that it received on the draft structure plan will be released shortly.

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