Randwick Park gets creative

Board funds art drop-in sessions

Last Updated : 04 Mar 2020

Sheets of paper are transformed into works of arts as children dip their brushes into the watercolours spread along a table at Randwick Park’s Manu Tukutuku.

Arts 4 Us members Serena Corless and Zoe Dunster, there every Thursday afternoon in school term time from 3.45-5.15pm, deliver a drop-in session open to all local children.

Funded by Manurewa Local Board, Serena says they just provide the material and space, while the participants provide the creativity.

The board’s funding helps pay for advertising, venue hire, facilitation and co-ordinator costs and administration.

“While we aim for primary kids, we’re flexible because it’s about inclusivity. The kids never tire of turning the ideas in their heads into art. Our programme uses art as a medium to aid self-esteem and confidence, strengthen self-identity and develop art skills.

“We’re grateful to the board for making it possible. A few southern local boards give us grants so we can undertake programmes in their areas, but we do have a special relationship with Manu Tukutuku, where the people are always welcoming.”

The facility was built with board support after residents called for somewhere that could serve the community.

“It’s a place that is vital to the community. It’s given locals focus, it’s connected the community and brought them together to support and to learn from each other,” Manurewa Local Board Chair Joseph Allan says.

Since its inception, the community centre has extended its vision to turning Manu Tukutuku into a place that encourages others to use the space so that community projects, sports and youth groups, corporate groups and events can all occur.

Serena has a simple message. “As long as we keep getting support for our programmes we’ll keep coming. Why wouldn’t we? We love it here.”

Details about how to apply for a grant are here.

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