Transforming Auckland’s ferry services

Last Updated : 02 Oct 2020
Transforming Auckland’s ferry services

A new video released today shows Auckland’s new downtown ferry berths rapidly taking shape, ready for Aucklander’s to use in early 2021.

Funded by Auckland Transport, this is one of the most significant projects in the Downtown Programme and will transform the way ferry services operate on the Waitematā Harbour.

Eric van Essen, Programme Director of the Downtown Programme says “this development will help set Auckland up well for the future. Currently we have six million people a year traveling through the existing terminal at Queen’s Wharf, and that number is expected to increase by up to 50% in the next decade.”

The new ferry infrastructure has been designed to enable the thousands of Aucklanders who will commute to our transformed city centre every day to do so safely and efficiently. It will include six new berths stretching along Queens Wharf, with magnificent canopies covering the gangways.

Councillor Chris Darby, Chair of Planning Committee comments on the magnitude of this project and the benefits it will bring to Aucklanders.

“The scale of this new ferry terminal is impressive; this will be the biggest upgrade to Auckland’s ferry infrastructure in more than 100 years.

“The improved ferry services will mean better connection between our inner city and the wider region which will enable us to provide more and better ferry services to Aucklanders.”

For more information on the Ferry Terminal project and other city centre projects visit Progress AKL.

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