Child safety a priority in Papakura

Auckland Transport asked to look at busy road

Publish Date : 04 Dec 2020
Kauri Flats
Increased housing development around Papakura's Walters Road means more children are walking in the area, leading to concerns about their safety.

Safety concerns for children walking to and from school have seen the Papakura Local Board ask Auckland Transport to investigate improving conditions near Pulman Park and the nearby Kauri Flats School.

Kauri Flats is a new school with a role nearing 300. Housing growth in the area is expected to increase, with more children making their way to school each day in surrounding streets.

Board chair Brent Catchpole says there are a number of areas where driver behaviour is not as good as it should be, and that’s particularly concerning near major parks and schools.

“A lot of people will tell you speeding is common there. We can’t sit back and do nothing. Children are among our most vulnerable community members and they are entitled to our protection.

“If that means we have to get the police there to enforce things, and ask Auckland Transport to put in more permanent measures, we can’t shy away from that.”

The board has asked AT to develop a comprehensive concept plan for Walters Road that addresses health and safety issues for people, particularly children, trying to cross the road.

Kauri Flats and Papakura Normal School are both in the immediate area, and there is more housing being erected in three nearby developments.

The board also specifically asked for a pedestrian crossing on Walters Road outside Kauri Flats School to allow children to cross safely, and for a 40kmh school zone speed limit

It also asked that consideration be given to parking, with a slip road outside the athletic throwing net at Pulman Park, aligning crossing points with park entrances, creating defined twin lane exits at all points from the park, and urged AT to ensure all stakeholders are involved in any plan.

It was not the only area of concern, the board also asking AT to review speed limits between Hingaia Bridge and the motorway, and at Harbourside Drive and its side roads, with a view to reducing them because of increased housing development in the area.

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