Work continues on Glen Eden Pop-Up Cycleway

Publish Date : 22 Dec 2020
Work continues on Glen Eden Pop-Up Cycleway

Plans for a pop-up cycleway on Captain Scott Road in Glen Eden to link Savoy Road with the train station continue following two community co-design workshops in December.

The pop-up temporary cycleway will trial how to connect the existing Project Twin Streams cycleway ending at the bottom of Savoy Road to the town centre, and comes as a response to community aspirations for a safe cycle route to the town centre.

A wide range of local community members, including business owners, the business association, residents, sports club representatives, community groups and board members have attended the sessions.

Thorough and informative

Waitakere Ranges Local Board Member Mark Allen says the sessions have been thorough and informative.

“The two sessions have been very useful at getting an understanding of what the community does and doesn’t want with this project,” he says.

“The first session took in a wide range of feedback on what the cycleway could look like, and then AT went away and came back with an outline of how it could work in the second session.

“Having good quality discussions about the pros and cons of the cycleway is a really good way of coming to an understanding of what will and won't work – as well as being able to talk through some of the potential issues, such as a reduced number of car parks along the stretch where the cycleway will go in.

“We have also discussed the criteria that will help us to assess whether the project is successful or not. One of the really great things about this is that it is just a trial, and there will be room for evaluation and feedback at the end of it.

“One thing is for sure, providing a safe way for the community to use other methods of transport to connect to the town centre will only be beneficial in the long run, and that’s why this project is so exciting.”

The pop-up cycleway is part of Waka Kotahi’s Innovating Streets for People pilot programme with a budget of $210,000, including a 10 per cent local share.

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