Rodney footpath projects get the green light

Publish Date : 20 Jan 2021
Rodney footpath projects get the green light

The Rodney Local Board will spend $7.3 million on footpaths over the next two years.

Board Chair Phelan Pirrie says a board priority is expanding the footpath network between towns and villages to improve safety and make it easier for people to get around.

“Many of our communities lack adequate footpaths or safe places to walk beside roads. Footpaths are needed in our towns and villages to make it safe for pedestrians.

“Our focus is on footpaths on busy school and pedestrian routes, and on linking existing areas to new developments.”

Footpaths have been funded from the board’s transport capital fund, which has been hit by the Emergency Budget. The targeted rate, which remains intact, can only be used for transport projects, and is allocated equitably by subdivision enabling these footpaths to be constructed sooner.

New footpaths approved from the Rodney Transport Targeted Rate Fund:

Road Name Section Budget Approved
Alice Street (Riverhead) Full length $474,000
Coatesville Riverhead Highway (Dairy Flat) Opposite Coatesville Village $340,000
Dairy Flat Highway (Dairy Flat) Outside Dairy Flat School $440,000
Hudson Road (Warkworth) Albert Road to Z Station $398,000
Newton Road (Riverhead) Full length $763,000
Omaha Drive (Omaha) Roundabout to Community Centre $645,000
School Road (Wellsford) School to No.65 (sub station) $257,000
Dairy Flat Highway (Dairy Flat) School to Postmans Road $1,007,000
Goodall Road (Warkworth) Mahurangi East Road to No. 20 $458,000
Leigh Road (Warkworth) No.578 to Ashton Road $363,000
Puhoi Road (Warkworth) Church to Puhoi Close $757,000
Rodney Street (Wellsford) No.68 to Centennial Park Road $1,426,000

Auckland Transport is assessing more paths for approval in the next few months.

People keen to know more about the board’s activities, funding and investment decisions, should read the Rodney Local Board Plan 2020 available on the council website.

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