Keeping mindful during lockdown

Last Updated : 09 Sep 2021
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As last year showed us, being in lockdown for an extended time can take a toll on our mental wellbeing. But there are opportunities to learn some new skills for lifting our spirits while we are at home.

Mindfulness, good sleep, healthy eating and breathing exercises are great to use and there are plenty of resources out there. Getting started can be the biggest hurdle, so here are some ways that we can take that first step.

Sleep, eat and hydrate

To help us get started with better sleeping patterns, healthy eating and hydration, check out the wellness video series that the Auckland Council Pools and Leisure team put together during 2020’s August lockdown.

The series is six short videos with tips on what you can try and why sleep, hydration and healthy eating all play a part in keeping our spirits up, as well as other habits to help.

Mindfulness learning online

LinkedIn Learning is a great online resource that you can access with your free library membership. The Auckland Council Library website has a guide page for signing into LinkedIn Learning with your membership details.

Once logged into LinkedIn Learning, simply search for mindfulness to find a range of short courses and videos about mindfulness. Likewise for breathing exercises to keep calm.

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