Improved transport safety options from $1 million fund

Publish Date : 20 Dec 2021
Raised crossing
A raised crossing. Image for illustration purposes only.

Three transport projects in the Waitākere Ranges Local Board area have been given the green light following decisions to allocate funding to improving transport safety in the area, while a further four projects have had investigative work funded.

In total, Waitākere Ranges Local Board agreed for $973,250 to be spent on the projects that will reduce road speeds and provide alternative transport options in the area.

Funding was agreed for the construction of the Verdale Circle to Glendale Road walkway, at a cost of $600,000. A raised table crossing on Glendale Road is to receive $200,000 while almost $100,000 was allocated toward improving pedestrian safety at the intersection between Titirangi and South Titirangi Road.

In addition, the Parrs Park to Sunnyvale shared path, and the proposed walking and cycleway from Glen Eden Train Station to Upper Waikumete stream have been allocated $15,000 and $20,000 respectively for investigative work and consultation to take place.

There is also an additional $40,000 for two projects on Candia Road, with investigative work to look at Candia Road pedestrian safety, and potential barrier options and construction outside Henderson Valley Scenic Reserve.

Important improvements

Waitākere Ranges Local Board Chair Saffron Toms says that the funding will keep transport improvements moving in the area.

“We have allocated this funding to practical, construction-ready projects that will improve the safety of our communities, as well as looking forward and providing funding for investigative work to be done on others to see how feasible they are.

“Constructing the walkway from Glen Eden Town Centre to Verdale Circle will provide people with an option to leave their cars at home and safely get into the centre of Glen Eden. This will enhance the existing area and provide a formal pathway on the route, improving the morning commute, as well as for families with young children.

“We are really excited about the prospect of this project and look forward to seeing it get underway in 2022.

“Improving the pedestrian crossing on South Titirangi Road will make a big difference to what is a dangerous crossing, which doesn’t have great visibility. Extending the refuge and improving visibility will make the crossing a whole lot safer than it is. It will also make it easier for people with mobility issues, for example people with wheelchairs and prams.  

“At the same time, we are moving forward with investigative work for a number of other projects, this will help enable us and the community to understand what costings and next steps will be, and is a positive step in progressing these projects.”

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