Phenomenal Young Women leading the way in Tāmaki

Publish Date : 07 Dec 2021
Phenominal young women

In 2018 a group of Tāmaki High School students set up a group to provide support and help create life-enhancing opportunities. Prior to COVID-19 the group was operating in three locations offering a programme that included essential life skills and practices such as cooking, fitness and art activities.

“It’s important that our members build each other up and grow from the experiences this group offers,” explains Jasmine Hope a mentor for the Phenomenal Young Women youth group and a member since 2019.

"Recent times we have had to move the focus online and towards uber-local activities and virtual events, but it is great to see that the community has remained engaged.”

Phenomenal Young Women aims to build confidence and provide support for local wahine youth, and provides work and training opportunities. Jasmine explains that the aim is that their members are “better equipped, stronger and more supported to be all that they can in life."

"It is about love and korero but it also has solid foundations in providing real life skills and opportunities."

Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board has provided support in the form of local grants and access to community-funded spaces. Meeting and learning sessions are held locally including Riverside Community Centre which provides the space for free in support of the initiative. In 2022 the group plan to set up a session in Glen Innes town area.

“It’s great to see Phenomenal Young Women, find its feet post COVID-19, we are proud to be able to support them however we can, especially through activations at local community centres,” explains Maria Meredith Chair of Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board. 

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