Waterway fund boosts Franklin environment

Publish Date : 11 May 2022

Seven Franklin Waterways Protection Fund grants have been made, totaling more than $67,000.

Two unfunded applicants were referred to Auckland Council’s Regional Waterways Protection Grant round because of their scale, and an ongoing project that received previous support but had been unable to complete the current works, was encouraged to apply again next year.

Board chair Andy Baker says all of the projects requesting funding were worthwhile and delivered local environmental benefits.

“It’s great to see such interest from those in the community wanting to be part of improving the environment for future generations.

“We tend to hear a lot about farming-related pollution but a lot less is said about the people on the land who are committed to protecting and safeguarding it.

“All of those who get grants have to be willing to fund at least half of the project, because the fund can only meet at best, half of the costs involved, so applicants are clearly putting their own money, time and resources into it, and we should acknowledge that.”

The grants aim to respond to the council’s commitment to addressing climate change by providing funds for projects that enable community climate action at a local level.

Alongside other funding sources, the grants have allowed about $2million worth of waterways protection work to be undertaken.


  • H and R Partnership
  • R H Masfen Trust
  • Smith Shields Trust
  • John Wright
  • Tarek Yousef
  • Andrew McRae
  • Robert Granshaw.

All the grants are towards the cost of plant supply, fencing, labour and materials. The projects mostly consist of removing noxious plants and weeds, widespread replanting, particularly with natives, and fencing waterways to prevent stock intrusion.

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