Work programme delivers for Papakura

Publish Date : 13 Jul 2022
New Projects In Work Programme
Plant upgrades are planned for Papakura's popular Massey Park swimming pool complex.

Work to renew McLennan Park sports fields, showers and changing rooms at Opaheke Reserve, various assets and Massey Park Aquatic Centre plant, and seismic strengthening at the leisure centre are features of Papakura Local Board’s recently adopted Customer and Community Services work programme for the financial year.

Board chair Brent Catchpole says setting the programme was challenging at a time when economic restraint is essential.

“But we are pleased with what we have been able to achieve and believe we will deliver good gains for the community.

“There’s also money allocated to developing Hingaia Park, but that is largely being funded by development contributions and work will have to be delivered over a number of years as funding is available.”

He says even with the city still in a recovery phase after the COVID-19 pandemic, budgeted sums will allow facilities to continue to offer quality experiences.

“Sometimes it is not the big-ticket things that are critical, it’s making sure you don’t fall behind where you need to be, so that your pool for instance doesn’t end up with a load of equipment that is beyond its work life and starting to fail.

“When that sort of thing happens, you can end up having to fund major projects that would never have been necessary if a little more attention had been paid to keeping things up to date.”

He says McLennan Park will host a team during the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup and has received a boost from the international football organisation to redevelop the Papakura City Football Club’s facilities.

“We were able to add a little bit of financial support to make sure advantage could be taken of that funding, and now budgeting funds to improve the playing surface at the park will mean a facility that is ready to enjoy a long and successful future.”

Access the work programme here.

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