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Warning of potential rates scam

Published: 1 September 2017

Auckland Council is warning residents of a potential scam which appears to be targeting members of the Chinese community.

The council has become aware of the alleged scam through the social media platform WeChat, whereby Auckland ratepayers are offered a discount on their rates with the promise that their rates instalment will be paid for in full.

“While it’s not uncommon for someone to pay the rates of a family member, we strongly advise against anyone allowing someone they don’t know to pay their rates,” says Debbie Acott, Head of Rates, Valuations and Data Management.

The council has so far been made aware of at least one potential case of this scam being used and is liaising with the appropriate authorities, but is keen to hear from anyone else that may have been targeted.

If anyone believes they have fallen victim to this scam, or is in doubt about any transaction or interaction relating to Auckland Council, they should contact the council directly on (09) 301-0101.




税务、评估和数据管理部门主管黛比·阿考特(Debbie Acott)认为:“虽然我们也常常会为其他家庭成员代缴税,但我强烈建议,不要轻信陌生人为您代缴税金。”


如果您已经遭遇了此类骗局,或者您对任何与奥克兰市政府有关的交易或活动有任何疑问,请立刻拨打市政热线:(09) 301-0101。

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