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Development 15 Feb 2022

Growing Together

Like other thriving, successful cities around the world, Tāmaki Makaurau is growing. By 2048 Auckland’s population is expected to reach 2.7million. Learn more about what it all means for our city and how you can play a part.

Midtown 21 Sep 2022

‘It will feel like a new city’ - how midtown will transform the city centre

Aucklanders, prepare yourselves: When the regeneration of midtown in the city centre is complete, there’s a good chance you’ll hardly recognise this part of Tāmaki Makaurau.

Development 20 Sep 2022

Timings firm up for Wellesley / Victoria Street ‘system’

With construction start-dates drawing closer, Auckland Council and Auckland Transport throw new light on the Wellesley / Victoria Street system, a pivotal part of the city centre’s midtown regeneration programme.

People of Midtown
Development 19 Sep 2022

Creatives bring new energy to midtown

A new entrepreneurial energy is emerging in midtown. New retail formats, courageous young people is bringing innovative ideas, boutique start-ups and a new vibe

Development 19 Sep 2022

Make a day of it in Auckland’s midtown

There’s so much to do within the midtown area that it can keep everyone occupied for a whole day.

Development 15 Sep 2022

Time running out to submit on Auckland’s new intensification rules

Auckland Council is strongly encouraging people to make a submission on proposed changes to the city’s planning rulebook – the Auckland Unitary Plan – allowing for considerably more higher-density housing across the city before time runs out on 29 September 2022.

Council news 13 Sep 2022

Development Contributions policy out for second public consultation

Auckland Council is seeking feedback on the next stage of updating its Development Contributions Policy, to ensure new developments contribute fairly to the funding of the council’s infrastructure.

Community 7 Sep 2022

Papakura adopts park concept plan

A concept plan to develop Ōpaheke Park has been adopted.