Play Festival 2024

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Play Festival celebrates cultural identity, facilitates intercultural connections, and creates a safe and inclusive environment for people to play, interact and JUST HAVE FUN.

The purpose of the Play Festival is to bring people together to celebrate cultural identity, diversity, inclusion, friendship, integration, creativity, wellbeing, and fun in life through play.
The original vision for the Play Festival is for it to be a recurring event for the community to enjoy, participate and get involved with.

New Zealand portraits an incredible social diversity, with the coexistence of numerous community groups often characterised by ancient, fascinating culture and traditions.
In this context Auckland stands as an ideal location to host an event that could potentially grow its reputation as a reference for traditional play in the Asia Pacific region.

The Play Festival can therefore be an occasion for communities to get together, celebrate their culture, have fun, and learn about each other in a meaningful, experiential, and inclusive way.

Traditional games are part of everyone’s cultural identity, they are inter-generational and are a natural way that can bring us together without boundaries nor discrimination.

Come along to a FREE FAMILY DAY to play and explore traditional games, music and food from many different cultures! THIS IS FOR ALL AGES!

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