Te Tiriti Workshop - Avondale


Nau mai, haere mai e te whānau! Reflect and connect with community during Matariki with free worskhops at your local Whau community centre. This session is for Avondale Community Centre. 

Join Tauiwi facilitators from Tangata Tiriti – Treaty People for a day of sharing knowledge and experiences to expand our understanding of Te Tiriti. 

This full-day programme covers:

  • How we connect to Te Tiriti as people from many backgrounds

  • The political context leading to a declaration in 1835 and a treaty in 1840

  • What the signatories agreed to

  • A history of colonisation: Crown actions and Māori resistance

  • Understanding recent Tiriti events in the media

  • What Te Tiriti means for us today: next steps for individuals and organisations

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