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14 Jul 2022

Rongoā Māori Workshop

Learn about the philosophy of traditional Māori medicine and how this applies to our care and well-being.

14 Jul 2022

Silly Stitches with Lina Castro

Create your own drawn and stitched designs on fabric.

14 Jul 2022

Simple Coding Workshop

If you are interested in Coding and STEM Workshops, come and join us.

14 Jul 2022

Sound on Sound – Nathan Haines and Steve Carr

A collaborative multimedia artwork and live music performance by Nathan Haines and Steve Carr.

14 Jul 2022 - 16 Jul 2022


You will laugh, you will cry, you will not be impressed by Abby's ventriloquist skills, but she will do it anyway.

14 Jul 2022 - 22 Jul 2022

School Holiday Animation Workshop for Kids + Families

Learn animation and coding from the Brain Play team.

14 Jul 2022 - 22 Jul 2022

Uxbridge Holiday Programme

Come to Uxbridge for new and exciting activities these school holidays.

14 Jul 2022 - 23 Jul 2022

Takurua-Nafanua War Goddess

A unique cultural experience synthesising hospitality, theatre and dance.