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05 Oct 2022

Seeking the Happy Isles: How to Keep Whānau Yarns Alive

Get tips on how to research your family’s voyaging past.

05 Oct 2022

Tea & Topics Wellbeing through Yoga and Meditation

Join Uma, who will share her take home techniques for health, peace and happiness.

05 Oct 2022

The Hillary Trail

Use gauche and ink pens to create a colourful graphic trail complete with hand-made game tokens.

05 Oct 2022

Upcycled Wind Chimes

Make beautiful wind chimes using braiding and wrapping techniques.

05 Oct 2022

Youth Table Tennis Championship

Compete in our seekapong shootout tournament and win awesome prizes! For ages 11 to 17.

05 Oct 2022 - 06 Oct 2022

Tempo Dance Festival 2022 - Body of Work and QWERTY - A Double Bill

BODY OF WORK – prophetic A dance with the digital. Conditions decided by us. Body Of Work explores the tension between the performance and the documentation of the performance,...

05 Oct 2022 - 12 Oct 2022

Symonds St Cemetery: Kids Trail

Children can take a tour through the hidden gardens of Symonds Street Cemetery and learn about the fascinating stories of the past. 

05 Oct 2022 - 13 Oct 2022

Hansel and Gretel

An original retelling of a beloved classic, this magical theatre adventure features live music, physical theatre and puppetry.