Fostering vibrant communities in the Waitematā area

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015
From left: Waitematā Local Board members Greg Moyle, Shale Chambers (chair) and Pippa Coom (deputy chair) in front of WORD POP by poet Grace Taylor, outside Auckland Central Library. 

The Waitematā Local Board Plan (PDF 5.95 MB) highlights the priority given by the board to fostering strong communities that are inclusive, vibrant and engaged.

The board supports a range of arts programmes that help artists and members of the community work towards this priority by integrating arts and culture into everyday life. Recent arts projects supported by Waitematā Local Board include the POP Project, which aims to create happiness, interaction, spectacles, ideas, performances and experiences, Art Week and much more.

Community enjoyment of, and accessibility to, public spaces is encouraged through beautification of streetscapes and by providing local artists with funding and performance opportunities.

The local board believes that these types of opportunities help entertain and engage the community, making Waitematā an even better place to live. Waitematā Local Board encourages everyone - including solo and group artists and the public - to get involved. If you are an artist and would like to apply for funding you may be eligible under Auckland Council’s Community Grants Programme.

Visit our funding page for more information.

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