Getting on with business

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015

More than 60 businesses have joined the Henderson Lincoln Business Association since it was set up last year, and association chairman Tim Livingstone believes it will be of great benefit to the area.

“A business association is a lot more effective than individuals in achieving results,” he says. “Security issues are often the catalyst for forming associations. They make the most of businesses’ ability to step up, do things for themselves and find solutions that work for them and their community.”

The newly formed association got straight to work with a six-week crime prevention trial, funded by Henderson-Massey Local Board. Private security guards addressed anti-social behaviour that had been concerning the community by talking to youths about intimidation and loitering, recovering stolen goods and ensuring workers felt safe.

The business association will also help businesses with advocacy, public transport issues, increasing visitor numbers and marketing Lincoln Road and Henderson Central as locations to do business.

Now that the association has been set up, steps can be taken in the longer term to create a business improvement district, in which businesses pay a levy that goes towards hiring a town manager, promotion and investment.

Visit the Henderson Lincoln Business Association website for more information.

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