Housing area takes shape

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015
Housing area takes shape
New homes nearing completion in Taniwha Street, Fenchurch

Construction of the first new homes in the Northern Tāmaki Special Housing Area is almost complete.

Tāmaki Redevelopment Company, in partnership with Housing New Zealand, plans to build approximately 400 new homes in the special housing area within the Fenchurch neighbourhood of Glen Innes. The first 11 homes have been built, and it is expected that the remaining Fenchurch homes will be built by 2019.

“The increased supply of affordable, healthy and secure homes in the Tāmaki area will help boost the social and economic well-being of the community,” says Peter Fa’afiu, general manager of the Tāmaki Redevelopment Company.

The 11 homes, in Taniwha Street, are near Sunnymead Street, where work has started on another 21 new homes. These are part of an Auckland Housing Accord development that will provide over 5000 new homes in Tāmaki to help offset Auckland’s housing shortage.

See Housing supply and special housing areas for more information.

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