Living the good life

Last Updated : 06 Oct 2015
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Sustainable living is now so popular that the sound of chooks clucking is becoming commonplace in Auckland’s urban backyards.

Auckland Council’s Animal Management Bylaw allows residents to keep a number of poultry and explains how to apply for a licence to have stock animals on properties smaller than one acre.

“There is a growing trend of people wanting to keep animals in urban backyards and the bylaw encourages responsible animal ownership and promotes the welfare of all animals,” says Councillor Bill Cashmore, chair of the Animal Management Bylaw hearings.

Guidelines for horse riding in public places and managing beehives are also included in the bylaw. The council collaborated with key interest groups such as the Bee Keepers Club, NZ Horse Network and rural schools regarding calf days to achieve a workable bylaw that really could help Aucklanders achieve the good life.

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