Protecting Auckland's biodiversity

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015
A member of Auckland Council's biodiversity team monitoring pests and lizards in the Hunua Ranges.

Protecting and enhancing Auckland’s ecosystems, plants and animal species is critical to our environmental, social and economic well-being.

Auckland Council’s biodiversity team provides specialist ecological advice for a range of activities, including local and regional park management, research and monitoring and local board environmental projects.

The team also works with private landowners and community groups, providing them with advice on protecting and enhancing native plants and animals, and restoring ecosystems. It has so far visited more than 400 Auckland covenant owners to help develop plans to protect their sites’ biodiversity.

“There are many things you can do on your land to help protect and restore Auckland’s biodiversity,” says Auckland Council Biodiversity Manager Rachel Kelleher.

“By planting the right native vegetation, you can provide food for native birds, create habitats for other animals like skinks and geckos, and establish corridors to protect wildlife. If you have a stream, you can fence and plant streamside banks, and remove obstructions to native fish.”

If you would like to request advice from a biodiversity expert, email or call 09 301 0101.

You can also follow the team on Facebook.

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