Protecting Waiheke’s marine environment

Last Updated : 29 Sep 2015
Most Waiheke residents agree that the Hauraki Gulf marine ecosystem needs protection.

Waiheke Local Board engaged Colmar Brunton to help determine what the Waiheke community feels about the board’s aspirations toward the development of a network of marine protected areas connecting the islands in the Hauraki Gulf, and to help establish a series of principles to inform where these could be located.

Almost 2000 people responded to the survey, which was sent to 6333 Waiheke residents on the electoral roll and 2370 Waiheke ratepayers with off-island residential addresses.

An online feedback form was also available at Shape Auckland.

Waiheke Local Board Chair Paul Walden thanks everyone who contributed to the survey.

"The results show huge support of the board’s proposal and that the main reason for this support is the recognition that protection is needed to restore and improve marine life and the ecosystems in the Hauraki Gulf," he says.

"We all need to play our part in ensuring that our islands remain a magical place to live, and that includes preserving and restoring the gulf."

Read a summary of the results.

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