Challenges for Auckland's environment

Last Updated : 21 Oct 2015
Challenges for Auckland's environment

Auckland is committed to becoming the world’s most liveable city and the health of our environment is key to this goal. Auckland Council has now released its State of the Environment report, The Health of Auckland’s Natural Environment In 2015.

In-depth information is provided on Auckland’s natural environment, with the latest monitoring results outlined across four areas: Climate, Air, Land and Water.

The report presents a snapshot of the current and potential environmental issues, recent changes and long-term trends.  

Dr Megan Carbines, senior RIMU scientist, summarises the report’s key findings, saying, “There have been mixed results since 2010. The report shows that there have been some improvements in our air quality, and localised successes for native biodiversity. Overall, however, there has been a continued decline in marine and freshwater environments.”

The report shows Auckland’s environment continues to face a range of challenges, particularly as the footprint of urban Auckland expands.

Mayor Len Brown describes the report as an important assessment of our environmental health, and a call to action for those of us who live in and love this place.

“There is only one Auckland and, as we grow, we must grow greener,” he says.

Read the full State of the environment report 


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