Consolidating bylaws across Auckland

A word from Manurewa-Papakura Ward Councillor Calum Penrose

Publish Date : 27 Oct 2015

After a five-year bylaw review process, 158 legacy council bylaws have been reduced to just 20.

Regulations can be confusing, but consolidating bylaws provides consistency across Auckland, which benefits both individuals and businesses.

All service centres will provide the same information and businesses will follow the same rules and pay the same fees regardless of location.

Reducing the number of bylaws is also cost effective, so the council can invest more in Auckland’s future.

One significant bylaw as we come into summer is the Navigation Safety Bylaw, which places the responsibility of a boat’s safety on the skipper and positively affects thousands of boating enthusiasts across the region.

I congratulate all those who were involved, from public submitters to expert council staff. This review marks a significant milestone for Auckland Council and collaboration was integral to getting the new bylaws right.

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