Whau housing moving ahead

A word from Ross Clow, Whau Ward Councillor

Last Updated : 21 Oct 2015

It’s an exciting time for Avondale and New Lynn. The stage is set for substantial housing developments on the Crown Lynn and former Monier sites in New Lynn. In Avondale the RSA and old Suburbs Rugby club sites have also been sold for development.

The New Lynn housing project will see 1800 homes built, a public park delivered, plus roading and town centre improvements.

Around 150 apartments will be built on the former Avondale RSA site and 50 houses on the old Suburbs Rugby club site. These housing initiatives, together with the planned development of a new community centre and recreation facilities – Long-term Plan projects – will be of immense benefit to the Avondale community and town centre.

We should all be proud that the Whau ward is leading the way in Auckland with our ambitious town centre and greenways developments.

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