Your housing questions answered

Last Updated : 21 Oct 2015
Your housing FAQs answered

From first-home buyers to investors, many Aucklanders have questions about housing affordability.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse has some answers:

Q: What is Auckland Council doing to make houses more affordable?
A: The council is doing everything in its power to ensure supply of land for housing. For example, under the Auckland Unitary Plan, it is likely that greater intensification will be allowed within existing urban areas. This will help make sections more affordable, which is really important because land is a big component of the total cost of housing.

Q: Is it the role of the council to build new houses?
A: Not directly. The council has instead set up an urban redevelopment agency. Panuku Development Auckland will form partnerships with developers and others to increase housing supply on council-owned land.

Q: What’s the point of building new houses if developers just sell them to the highest bidder?
A: In itself, extra supply will help improve housing affordability. In addition, up to 10 per cent of new homes in special housing areas must be sold at 25 per cent less than the median house price.

Q: No one wants to live in apartments or terraced houses! Why is Auckland Council encouraging them?
A: There is a commonly held misconception that everyone wants to live in a stand-alone home with three bedrooms. But the council’s recent Housing we’d choose research found increasing numbers of people are choosing to live in apartments or terraced houses if they’re close to work, family and public transport

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