Three Kings housing project progresses

Development of up to 1500 homes in Three Kings is a step closer

Last Updated : 24 Nov 2015
Three Kings quarry aerial
The old Three Kings quarry and neighbouring Te Tātua a Riukiuta/Big King. Image credit: Auckland Council

Development of up to 1500 homes in Three Kings is a step closer, following the Auckland Development Committee’s decision on 12 November to swap an area of land to allow the project to take place.

The development at the old Three Kings Quarry site, which is owned by Fletcher Residential Ltd, is likely to include a diverse range of apartments and town houses on 21.6ha of land in and around the old quarry.

As part of this, Fletcher Residential plans to provide fully developed sports fields, a civic plaza and general land improvements, in return for some adjacent council-administered reserve land to be developed for housing.

Committee chair and Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse says she was pleased to see progress made on what is the most significant brownfields development in Auckland.

“The Three Kings development will provide up to 1,500 new homes and is exactly the sort of development this city needs and wants. It will provide high quality intensification and will put Auckland firmly on the journey to becoming a compact city.”

The decision followed public consultation and an independent hearings panel review of the land swap proposal. It now paves the way for Panuku Development Auckland to seek approval by the Minister of Conservation and negotiate an agreement with Fletcher Residential to complete the land exchange.

Concurrently, a plan change (or rezoning) sought by the developer to allow the former quarry site to be used for residential housing was approved earlier in the week by independent commissioners, with modifications. Those who submitted on the plan change have 30 working days to appeal the decision, from 9 November.

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