Viva la Desexy Revolution!

Last Updated : 18 Oct 2016
Viva la Desexy Revolution!

Auckland Council’s partnership with animal rescue charity HURRAH! (Humane Rescue, Rehabilitation and Rehoming) to help fund the Desexy Revolution dog de-sexing drive in November 2015 has been hailed as an unqualified success. 

The programme was fully subscribed before the end of the month. Fifty operations were carried out, almost half of them on dog breeds that are over-represented in Auckland Council shelters. Pet owners had to have a Community Services Card to qualify for funding, and had to contribute $25 themselves towards the cost. 

The council offered free microchipping as part of the programme. When registering, 50 percent of pet owners opted for the microchip, however that number jumped to 90 percent on operation day. 

“We are thrilled with this result,” says Tracey Moore, Manager Animal Management. 

“This partnership with HURRAH! helps us reach pet owners who might otherwise struggle with the cost of de-sexing, and it helps reduce the number of unwanted puppies in Auckland. Fifty dogs could produce up to 400 puppies in just three years.” 

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