Empty nesters head for the high-life

Aucklanders’ quarter-acre dream is fading, and the attraction of hassle-free urban lifestyle is growing.

Publish Date : 21 Dec 2015
Ludo Listener

Auckland’s inner city, famous for accommodating overseas students, is attracting a new demographic grouping as empty-nesters join young professionals forsaking the leafy suburbs for quality, well-designed apartments or terraced homes.

Reflecting the global shift to city centre living, Aucklanders’ quarter-acre dream is fading, and the attraction of a more affordable, hassle-free urban lifestyle is growing.

By accepting the notion of higher-density living, suburban couples who sell their homes and move to the city centre also free up a home or land for either a larger family or development possibilities.

Auckland Council design champion, Ludo Campbell-Reid, discusses the choices now becoming available to Aucklanders in a comprehensive NZ Listener article suggesting “Small is the new big”.

“We’re growing up; realising that there are other ways of living. For many years, Auckland didn’t have a choice of lifestyles,” he comments.

“More couples find they don’t need the trappings of a garden or to spend their lives decorating the house. People are choosing a more urban lifestyle, closer to work if they’re still in business, and mostly within walking distance to entertainment, restaurants, arts and culture.

“Living in central city also means being close to public transport as well as having public spaces, laneways and waterfront areas on your doorstep,” he says.

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