Remuera drivers to see red

Last Updated : 16 Dec 2015
Remuera drivers are seeing red
A trial of the new red light warning system has begun in Remuera.

Red light runners are being targeted with a new warning system.

Auckland Transport has started a trial at two intersections in Remuera to try to stop motorists running the lights.

Auckland Transport’s Network Operations and Safety Manager, Randhir Karma, says the trial is to see whether red light running can be prevented at two closely spaced intersections by putting in red illuminated markers on the road.

“Lights in the traffic lanes are linked to the traffic signals and warn drivers by showing that the signals have turned red and they must stop.”

Trial until September 2016

Both Remuera Road/Clonbern Road and Remuera Road/Victoria Ave intersections have traffic signals and are located quite close to each other. The two intersections are within the Remuera Town Centre and are busy with both traffic and pedestrians.

Over the five years of 2010–2014, a total of 12 crashes have been reported in this area. Three of these involved failing to give way, and two were rear-end crashes, which may have been caused by red light running.

Mr Karma says: “There have also been a number of near misses between pedestrians and vehicles. Over the years, safety concerns have been raised by the local community and Remuera businesses. We hope this will help deal with the problem.”

Orakei Local Board member Ken Baguley is welcoming the trial. “This is a cost effective way to get the message to motorists that the lights ahead are red.”

The trial is scheduled to last until the end of September 2016. Auckland Transport will undertake the evaluation of the trial and report to NZ Transport Agency.

Auckland Transport will conduct traffic analysis during the trial, together with input from the public, to determine whether the lights in the road have improved the safety of the intersections.

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