Walkway to improve connections in Papakura

Publish Date : 21 Dec 2015
Walkway to improve connections in Papakura
An artist's impression of the covered walkway to be built in Papakura. 

A covered 250-metre walkway is going to be built to link Papakura Train Station to the town centre.

Papakura Local Board and Auckland Transport are working together to build the walkway along Railway Street West and Averill Street (to the mid-block pedestrian crossing).

It is designed to provide commuters with more shelter and improved access between the Papakura Library and Museum, the Papakura Art Gallery, the train station and businesses in the town centre.

South Auckland network will improve connections

The new public transport network for south Auckland will provide more connections between buses and trains in Papakura when introduced by the end of 2016.

Papakura Local Board Chair Bill McEntee says community feedback shows a need for a safer and more accessible connection from the train station to the town centre.

“Engaging with the local community has been an important part of developing Papakura as a metropolitan centre and making it easier and more comfortable for people who use the train station to get to the town centre,” he says.

Papakura Station is one of Auckland’s busiest stations, used by more than 1700 people a day. “With future growth and development in the Papakura area, it is important that we improve local access to the train station from the town centre,” says Bill McEntee.

A more welcoming walkway

Walkway to improve connections in Papakura 2

The walkway will include a new, taller and wider timber or glass-finished covered walkway that will incorporate existing bus stops and shelters to create a softer and more welcoming enclosure.

The design will also allow for panels to be built into the walkway structure that could include images, electronic displays and carved artwork.

Construction of the walkway is expected to start in the first half of 2016 and will take about five months to complete.

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