Helpful heroes for the Howick Information Service

Last Updated : 20 Jan 2016
Howick Service Centre workers at Christmas celebrations at the Viaduct

Left to right: Dale O’Caroll, Layla Kasem, Cynthia Crick, Cecilia Liang, Tina Hsieh, Kitty Wu, Marian Baars

If you need to find out about local tourist attractions, hire the community van, visit a Justice of the Peace or get free legal advice, then the Howick Information Service is the place to go. 

Located in the heart of the village, the centre wouldn’t be able to run and offer all these services without the dedicated team of volunteers who give generously of their time.

So what do they love about the job?

Fatima says: “It gives me a sense of purpose as well as feeling good to be helping people.” Her advice to those considering volunteering is to “join the centre and give yourself a sense of belonging to a family of helpers”.

Jill says, to be a good volunteer, you have to have “listening skills, good general knowledge and the ability to help people help themselves”.

Shirley reckons “you have to be a ‘people person’. If you enjoy helping people then try it.”

If you or someone you know would like further information on lending a hand with the service, please contact Howick Information Services manager Layla Kasen on 09 533 5280

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