Tau fly found in Manurewa

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is investigating a find of a single Tau fly in Manurewa

Publish Date : 22 Jan 2016
Tau Fly
Tau Fly. Image supplied by Ministry for Primary Industries.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) is investigating a find of a single Tau fly in a surveillance trap in the Auckland suburb of Manurewa.

The MPI media announcement on 22 January said that this is the first time a fly of this species has been found in New Zealand and, as only one fly has been trapped, this is not considered an outbreak.

MPI said that this particular fly is a species normally found in South East and Southern Asia and is used to a more tropical climate, therefore it is very unlikely to be able to establish itself in New Zealand.

Auckland Council Civil Defence is already supporting the investigation and the council will provide further technical support to MPI if and when required. 

Foods to monitor

Unlike the Queensland fruit fly, which was found and then eradicated in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn last year, the Tau fly has a much more limited range of host material and has a preference for cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini. In addition, capsicum, beans, passionfruit and melons are minor hosts.

Controlled area

If you live, work or visit Manurewa, please note that pumpkin, melon, cucumber, capsicum, zucchini, beans and passionfruit plants and fruit cannot be moved outside of the Controlled Area, which is a 1.5km radius from Browns Road, Manurewa.

To determine whether your property falls within the Control Area, visit the MPI website www.mpi.govt.nz/tau-fly and enter your street address into their online search function.

Have you seen a Tau fly?

If you think you might have seen a Tau fly in your area, please call the Ministry for Primary Industries helpline on 0800 80 99 66 immediately.

More information can be found on the MPI website.

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