Changes to Great North Road at Waterview

Publish Date : 26 Feb 2016
Changes to Great North Road at Waterview
The route of the diversion is shown in red. North is located at the top of the image.

There will be significant changes to a section of Great North Road at Waterview from 3 March that will affect all road users – drivers, cyclists and walkers, as work continues towards completing the Waterview Connection project

From next Thursday 3 March, Great North Road and the adjacent footpath/cycleway near the BP Service Station at Waterview will be diverted further west until the end of the year. 

The diversion is so the NZ Transport Agency’s Waterview Connection project can build a trench to remove exhaust fumes from the Waterview tunnels. 

The trench will be excavated across Great North Road and take exhaust fumes to a ventilation stack which will be built near the service station. 

A construction compound will also be set up nearby, at Oakley Esplanade, to help with work on the Alford Street Bridge. This is one of three bridges which will form part of the Waterview Shared Path, a walking and cycling connection through Mount Albert and Waterview. 

The number of Great North Road traffic lanes – two in each direction – will remain and the shared use path on the eastern or service station side of Great North Road will be moved alongside the diverted lanes. 

The service station will remain open for business, but there will be a re-configured exit lane for drivers to safely re-join Great North Road. 

Preparatory work including new road markings for the new layout will start this Sunday evening (28 February).  This work will continue for four nights and all the work is weather dependent.

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