Etiquette for sharing cycling & walking paths

Publish Date : 26 Feb 2016
Sharing our paths

See, share and smile on Auckland’s shared paths to make it even easier and safer to get around the city by bike or on foot.

Auckland Transport has launched the Share the Paths campaign to remind people to be courteous and thoughtful of others while walking and cycling on the region’s 200km of shared paths. 

"We have a few messages for people to keep in mind while using the paths," says Auckland Transport’s Cycling and Walking manager, Kathryn King.  

“Ring your bell when cycling past someone walking, keep left while walking and just be courteous of other people using the path,” she says. 

“Most of us already do this, but we just want to remind people that they have to think of everyone else on the path. Cyclists can be going a lot faster than someone walking so ringing a bell lets others know they’re coming."

“The paths vary in width from place to place, so keeping left is also safer for everyone.” 

Look for emojis in March and win

The Share the Paths campaign will run in March 2016. Look out for the three emoji stories – which illustrate the safety message – on paths around Auckland. An emoji is a picture, or a series of pictures, used instead of words to communicate a concept or idea.  

Four large emojis have been placed on shared paths in Ōrewa, Pakuranga, Henderson and Kingsland. In addition, people walking and cycling are invited to post a photo with the emojis to win prizes. 

Auckland Transport will be holding activities at the large emojis during the campaign where free bells and other resources will be given to people walking and cycling. These will start on Sunday 6 March. 

Find out more about these activities and the Share the Paths campaign.

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