Watch: Goodbye Alice, giant tunnel machine

Publish Date : 31 Mar 2016
Goodbye Alice! (1)

Alice, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), which has built two 2.4km underground tunnels on the Waterview Connection project, was dismantled and delivered to the Ports of Auckland in February.

Because of its huge weight, the main drive was shifted on the back of a 48 axle, double-width trailer, pulled by three tractor units, with another one behind to give it an extra push. 

The convoy made its way along Sandringham Road, through Mt Eden and Grafton to the port. 

“The journey took three hours to complete and it’s a credit to all those involved in the months of planning and organisation that it went so smoothly given the size of the load,” says Tunnel Construction Manager, Chris Ashton. 

“There will be more large transport movements in the next few weeks as other sections are packed up but none as large or as significant, given the role the TBM has played in the Waterview project.” 

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