Lonely duck languishes for love

Last Updated : 28 Apr 2016
Lonely duck languishes for love

Staff at Auckland Domain are playing cupid for one lonely duck who appears to have lost her mate.

The birdlife at Auckland Domain is an important part of the park. Staff keep a close eye on the wellbeing of birds as part of their day-to-day stewardship.

The Domain is home to the New Zealand native Pūtangitangi or Paradise shelduck. The oldest Paradise shelduck recorded in the Domain is 23 years old. They are generally known to pair up for life.

This female duck and her partner have lived in the Domain for seven years. However about six months ago parks staff noticed she was alone and they have not seen her partner since. Every day she waits alone in the Domain for him to return.

Park staff have been in touch with Bird Rescue, which advises that the best course of action is to leave her where she is. The rescue charity has promised to bring any Paradise shelducks they might rescue into the Domain to see if there's a chance of a pair up.

Otherwise it’s a matter of waiting to see if another shelduck visits the Domain to start another relationship for our lonely Pūtangitangi.

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